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What To Expect From Us

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Web Design Services

We can optimize your web design, to maximize it’s conversion rate, which will significantly increase your revenue

Master Google

We don’t only provide you the top position for your keyword, we also dominate multiple spots in the most lucrative pages.

Social Media Services

We can improve the virality of you social profiles to always drive more customers to your business

SEO Melbourne applied to email marketing increase profit

Maximize Your Revenue

You will notice an a significant increase in your income as new customers will purchase your products and services.

Email Marketing Strategies

The best tool to monetize your site, is to use Email Marketing efficiently. We will build your Email List, and apply strategies to always keep it growing, so you can maximize your customers’ monetization

No Lock In Contracts

We use month-to-month contract. You pay for results. Why should you have to stick around if you aren’t satisfied?

Done By Us

We don’t cut corners, or outsources to cheap and black hat businesses. We apply only proven strategies that have been used to dominate the toughest keyword in the market, and that we operated our own digital properties.

Monthly Reports

We will provide monthly report on your keyword evolution, so you always know what we are doing, and where your business stands in the digital landscape.


We are members of the biggest and most knowledgeable SEO network in the world, were we join regular mastermind events, so your business will always stay ahead of your competition.

Shaun is a very good internet marketer, dedicate to his customer’s success and is always looking for new ways to reach customers.

Kotton Grammer
Kotton GrammerNationally Recognized Internet Entrepreneur.

Here are 10 reasons to collaborate with SEO Ascendance:

1. Lift Your Company to Greater Heights

With our continuous efforts we are able to build a business website, now we can be sure that thousands of people visit our website every day. According to search engine journal 35% of Google traffic is taken away by the top three companies which appear on search results. This particularly means that your organization has to make more intricate web servers so that they can accommodate flow of traffic and sales to your site. The very first step is to hire our SEO professionals.

2. Web Design Optimization.

We can optimization your site’s conversion rate, so you can maximize your ROI, and ensure that the potential customers visiting your website, are taking action that will increase your company’s revenue

3. Our SEO Will Make your Company Enjoy Online Longevity

Investing your hard earned money with us to get your site listed on top is basically the first step to take your company to a great level. Your investment will be worth as the optimized website will be seen on the top for a long time. Seeing the economy, utilizing SEO will go far better in making your company financially strong and save your costs.

4. Social Media Package

We can also manage your social media platforms, to ensure that you have the most engagement from your customers, and that your brand is well represented online.

5. Potential Visitors and Customers get Attracted to your Website and Company

Using our services for your business or company will attract the correct group of people to visit your site. Every right client looking for your services will surely be directed to your site. If your organization is optimized properly you will be able to attract the right customers to the website and ultimately to your organization.

6. Email Marketing Campaigns

We can also develop funnels, to create and develop Email Lists for your business. The importance of email marketing should never be underestimated, since it’s the best tools to ensure a long and prosperous relation with your customers, while significantly increasing your revenue.

7. Search engine optimization can be measured

Getting a SEO for your organization is quite important as it will provide you with an opportunity to measure your ROI. This is probably very helpful in defining and monitoring metrics in time. Our experts will use every technique to track the changes in the conversions, traffic and also increase your rankings to support your organization.

8. Improved Company’s Visibility.

An efficient and effective SEO technique will work in enhancing your organization’s placement in search results. It can also enhance your organization’s online visibility and also make its presence to the customers. Making your company visible to everyone is a difficult task because the traditional marketing techniques have many challenges and they are probably not enough to get your target values and sales. Many businesses are trooping to enjoy our innovative, holistic, and customer based services and tips as customers are now using the web to get goods providers.

9. You will be on top of the Competition

Getting new trends and examining the market moves is now less hectic, all thanks to the internet as well as online traffic. It is now very easy to analyze and study market methods for the advantage of the company. Websites with very less traffic lack data that can be used to project trends, this force them to just employ any method that they are aware of. With a right workable SEO Expertise your organization can identify new trends and make new items, services and content to cement the relation with the customers.

10. You Get More Acquainted with Your Customers and Their Needs

Most SEO company’s use Google analytical tools to track your customer’s useful and valuable information. These tools help them to ascertain their most active times, keywords they use, their geographical location, the amount of time spent on every page and so on. This information is crucial to your company as it will help you to create a good product or service and even discover your customers.

By employing our variety of services businesses will be benefited greatly by enhancing their sales and also selling their brand name on their site. With our professionals you will provide your company with the top internet popularity and also make sure to increase your shares and control your competition.

Shaun’s knowledge of Google and Social Media is amazing! Having 4 Google certificates, he is result driven, client focused SEO and Social Media master. He was able to bring more visibility, traffic, brand authority, and most importantly, more paying customers to my e-commerce website. Working with Shaun was a true pleasure! I highly recommend his services.

Karolina Salek
Karolina SalekSearch Engine Optimization | SEO | Social Media Consultant

Shaun is highly dedicated to staying at the top of his game in the digital marketing industry, and making sure that his clients enjoy the benefits of his expertise. Shaun is like an artist, carefully crafting his next moves and moving swiftly to dominate the competition. Allow Shaun to work his SEO magic on you and your business and watch the phone calls start piling in!

Avram Gonzales
Avram GonzalesDigital Marketing Specialist & SEO Expert Helping Small Businesses Generate More Leads and Sales Online

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