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Welcome to SEO Ascendance

SEO Ascendance is a digital agency, that aspire to help people reaching their financial goals.

Whether, you want to add an extra stream of income to your revenue, or create your full time online business. We are here to support you!

SEO Melbourne applied to email marketing increase profit

Our expertise in SEO traffic give us the possibility to monetize any digital products! 

Which allows use reach our financial goals, in our own terms.

If you are interested to do the same, we can show you how! 

There are two different types of digital products that can be promoted:

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Affiliate Products

Which are other people’s products that you can promote in exchange of a commission

There are literally thousands of products in the niche of your choice that you can promote

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Digital Publishing

Which are products that you can create and promote yourself.

Affiliate can also promote your products in exchange of a commission.

Then, you can monetize the Digital Products of your choice,

by driving traffic via:

Search Engine Optimization for SEO Ascendance

Search Engine Optimization

It’s sending warm traffic by optimizing your site for specific KEYWORDS, and by publishing content on forums, blogs and other websites.

Once we send WARM traffic to the DIGITAL PRODUCT of our choice, we earn commissions for every sales we make.

To optimize our Monetization, we use two specific Strategies:

This is the visual representation of Email Marketing University

Email Marketing

Which allows us keeping contact with the people liking our products.

Then, we offer them awesome promotions that they can find nowhere else, and build a relationship that can last for years!

We call this technique, FIDELISATION TRAFFIC.

SEO Ascendance Social Media General Representation

Social Media

We interact with our members, via different social platform like:

Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram

It give use the possibility to create VIRAL TRAFFIC.

This is what we do!

If you want to learn more about our services, feel free to visit our  products section.

SEO Ascendance CEO

Shaun Soria

SEO Ascendance CEO

Shaun started Internet Marketing since 2015.

Since then he never stopped learning and working with the best people in the industry.
He had multiple failures and successes in 2016 and decided to go full on in 2017 to help other people living the lives of their dreams.
Shaun specialty is email marketing, lead generationdigital publishing and SEO (Example: SEO Frankston)

“Never do a job to do what you love in your spare time. Make your job what you love.”
Pablo Picasso