3 best traffic sources other than SEO

If you have a site or blog, one thing you very much require is targeted traffic. Targeted traffic is not the same as non-targeted traffic. To many, that statement seems obvious, but it is more important than many realize.

If everyone in the world visited your site once a day, you would not be receiving targeted traffic; you would be receiving a large amount of traffic that will not convert and that stresses your server and resources.

Webmasters and bloggers should be optimizing their websites and blogs to attract only the types of traffic that convert into sales or signups. There are several ways to drive traffic that is interested in your offerings, and most of them are free. Here are some of them.

SEO Ascendance Picture showing multiple strategies to drive traffic to websites

1) Article marketing

Article marketing is an excellent way to drive targeted traffic to your website because all of the individuals that click thru to your website after reading your article are pre-qualified in that they are already interested in your subject. If they click through your resource link to your website, odds are they are interested and want what you are offering. One of the nice things about article directories is that they already have substantial amounts of traffic and have a high level of trust with search engines, so in many cases, your article, if it is keyword optimized, has a better-than-good chance of ranking highly in organic search results.

2) Link and Click-Baiting

Baiting links and clicks is a skill that takes time and practice to perfect. However, articles that are written in this format have great potential. The only problem is you either strike gold, or you don’t. The article either takes off like a rocket, or it just sits there. The key is to find out what people are talking about and provide them with a solution or a list that is intriguing. Sound easy enough? It’s not. Link and click bait is one of the tougher ways to draw traffic, but if mastered, it can deliver stunning results.

SEO Ascendance Online Traffic Generation IIllustration

3) Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is an excellent way to drive targeted traffic. As in article marketing, blog commenting pre-qualifies traffic in that individuals already interested in the subject at hand. In other words, they wouldn’t be reading that post and the comments that follow it if they weren’t interested in the subject, to begin with. By commenting on blogs that post about a subject related to yours, you are simply giving visitors to that post an alternative source of information, provided the author links out. Try to be the first to comment on a new post. That is the equivalent of getting the top spot in the organic search results.


All of these traffic sources pale in comparison to the largest potential traffic source of all. Now, what do you suppose that would be? SEO is the ultimate source of traffic today.