5 Absurd Mistakes That Every Blogger Should Avoid

As I started my blog, I made some mistakes that you can easily avoid and be more successful from the outset. Let’s get started.Nobody can deny that blogs are very popular and lots of people have them. You probably read or subscribe to one or more yourself, as they are a great way for people to share their thoughts, ideas, and expertise with others. There are blogs on anything you can think of, but they are not all created the same.

So just what are some common problems you need to avoid with your blog to produce something great your readers will love? Continue reading to learn what common problems you need to avoid with your professional blog.

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The 5 Mistakes That Bloggers Must Avoid Are;

1.Don’t post irregularly

I often have times where I am productive. In this period I write many articles and blog posts. When they all get published at the same time, some of your readers might be overwhelmed and struggle to keep up. Other times I have no ideas so, in the beginning, I couldn’t publish any new content in such a phase. The schedule feature of your blogging system offers an intelligent solution. Just write as much as you can when you are motivated – and schedule these blog post to be published later. This way you can post regularly, so returning visitors will know when to expect new content.

2.Don’t be impatient

I too am guilty of giving up websites because I thought that they don’t bring the solutions I wanted. Be patient – success does not happen overnight! If you can offer good content and you are motivated enough to go for long-term success, you have great chances of succeeding.

3.Don’t write about too many different topics

If you write about too many different topics in one blog, you will disappoint some readers because they expected to see content only about the topic they are interested in. So if you pick a specific topic you want to build your blog’s content around, you get more satisfied readers, and you have better chances of being recognized as an expert in your niche.

If you are worried that you will not be able to find enough subtopics for your blog posts, don’t worry! There are so many things you could write about. For example, if your blog is about “Building websites with WordPress,” your subtopics could be: “WordPress installation, plugins, themes, customization… ” or more personal stories like “Problems I faced after creating my first WordPress blog” etc. Another thing you could do to find topics is to do a Google search about your topic. At the end of the page, you might see a “related searches” list that shows you some relevant subtopics.

4.Don’t put up to many ads

This is a problem I didn’t have my blog, but I see it regularly on other sites. The website owners try to squeeze in ads where ever they can. I know that you need money, everyone does, but please put your readers first and think about the usability and design of your blog before placing ads. Fewer ads could mean a more professional looking blog and happier readers – what is important if you want long-term success instead of getting just a few fast bucks.

5.Don’t forget to respond

I created an email address for my first serious, self-hosted blog but I thought that “my blog is so small and new that no one would send me emails via my blog.” Well, I almost missed an interesting request for a product review where I would get a topic related product for free. Another aspect is that your readers could send you emails via your contact page. You should respond to the to show them that you care about them and their opinions.


Blogs can be kept fresh, interesting and exciting. It’s not difficult to find new content to update your blog. See what’s happening in the world and if you can tie in any current news to your writings. You can visit blogs of other writers in the same niche and check out what they are writing about. You may have a completely different opinion or new ideas on a subject they’ve tackled.

Blogs are a valuable resource to the online community, to share and pass on information on a topic where you have expertise. You can become quite famous as a blogger if you take the time to create a blog in a niche that needs information, then provides valuable information to your readers on a regular basis.