Paid Traffic vs Free Traffic

Generating a lot of targeted traffic is the most important factor of a successful website. Because without visitors; the content on the web page would be useless.

Webmasters spend a huge amount of money on finding new targeted visitors who are interested enough in reading the content and have the potential to convert into sales and leads. There are numerous strategies when it comes to generating new visitors, but they all involve generating two types of traffic: free traffic and paid traffic.


Free traffic is generated by optimizing your content to search engines and being active on social media platforms. This type of organic traffic takes more time to generate as it takes a lot of times for search engines to evaluate your content and place it on the appropriate page. Climbing the ranks on search results requires a lot of link building. There are numerous ways to get these “backlinks” from other websites; some of them are shady and unethical while others are fully transparent.

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Another way to get traffic is to engage a very targeted audience of people on social media websites. This requires you to post valuable and relevant content in numerous groups related to your website niche. Free traffic can be generated with Video marketing on platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.

The advantage of free traffic is that you won’t need to spend a dime on it. This gives you great freedom to experiment because there is no risk involved. Incidentally, the flow of traffic can continue long after you have ended your campaign. There are also countless online resources that can aid you in generating traffic this way.

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Paid traffic involves paying someone to promote your services by placing your add on their platform. The most common variety are PPC or pay per click ads where you pay the host a certain amount of money based on how many people clicked on the add. The most popular ad platform is Adwords. Certain websites such as Facebook and YouTube incorporate a smart algorithm that determines which users have an interest in your specific service or product based on their previous search terms. By knowing this information, they can precisely target the perfect audience for your product and increase your conversion rates immensely.

The advantage of paid traffic is that it allows you to see the results of your campaign very fast. This means that you can test a bunch of strategies in order to find the most successful one. After you find the winning one, you can simply scale things up by investing more money into the campaign.

Of course, there are numerous other ways to generate paid traffic. Some of these methods are black hat methods and could get you in trouble.

It can’t be said that one type of traffic is better than the other. Both of them are very capable of delivering desired results.

The most important factors in deciding which one you will use are your budget and experience. If you have some money to spend and enough experience, paid traffic would be the way to go. But if you are an amateur with little to no resources, it would be best to start out by generating free traffic and learning new things along the way.