Top 7 Reasons Why Instagram Is The Most Engaging Social Media Platform

Nowadays, Instagram presents an incredible story in social networking. Having a rather humble beginning, this particular site at present can boast of a user base in excess of 400 million active users every month and this helps to make it the second largest social media platform on earth. In the subsequent paragraphs, we will mention the top 7 reasons why Instagram is the most engaging social media platform.

Instagram set of pictures for a board

1. A huge number of active users

What would be your preference in case you are required to choose between posting on a platform with 4 lac users and one with as many as 400 million users? Undoubtedly, it would be the later one. One of the main reasons why Instagram has become so well-known is due to its popularity. However, having 400 million users does not necessarily imply that 400 million individuals are going to see your posts. In order to be effective, you require taking the help of a program like InstaEasy for building an audience for your brand.

2. Ideal for all ages

Unlike several social media platforms like Snapchat which is intended mainly for the teenagers and Linkedin which is more well-known among the working professionals, Instagram actually caters to individuals of every age. In fact, the program helps to unite different sets of individuals with the power of visuals and in this way it is capable of breaking any barrier. Almost everybody on this planet loves pictures. You are going to find folks from almost all aspects of life on Instagram.

3. Visual nature

As a matter of fact, visual content is getting increasingly popular day by day and Instagram is among the most effective visual content platforms out there. Instagram is going to be an appropriate place for any brand if it is planning to inject more videos and images into its content marketing advertisements. The process of visual production has become very easy with the help of Instagram which has minimised the creative burden on different brands.

4. The influence of Facebook

It is essential to bear in mind that Instagram was officially acquired by Facebook which has got access to over 1 billion users across the world, millions of dollars in resources and also a huge experience which is required to make any platform successful. Facebook is already a potent guiding force in the development of Instagram and there is no doubt about the fact that this positive relationship will be growing as both social platforms continue to expand independently.

5. Smoother experience

Most of the people believe that Facebook has got several twists, Twitter is packed with links and Google+ happens to be a puzzle that cannot be unfolded. On the contrary, a more understandable and realistic picture of all the communication is created by Instagram. In fact, this particular program, just like Twitter, helps to propagate the visualisation of those trends. Instagram provides you with the ability to express your everyday things superbly with the help of videos and images and in this way you are able to improve your Instagram engagement.

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6. Visuals are better than text

Being a popular visual medium has helped Instagram to attract more users. Visuals are appreciated by audiences all over the world since, apart from being enjoyable, they also deliver a message more clearly in comparison with text.

7. Commitments to continuing advancements

A commitment to making continuous enhancements to its platform has been exhibited by Instagram. This is vital in case you are concerned regarding the survival of a social networking platform in the long term. Moreover, being an adaptive platform has helped Instagram to be more useful.